Welcome to Arvidsjaurs Hembygdsgård

Step right into a world from the 17th century!

Contact us on 0960-124 28 / 070-571 24 28 or email arvidsjaurshembygdsforening@telia.com

Address:  Magnus Berlinvägen 24, 933 31 Arvidsjaur

Opening hours:

Winter times from 1 Sept until midsummer:

Monday-Friday: 12:00 - 16:00

Saturday: 12:00 - 14:00

Sunday: closed

Summer times from midsummer until 31/8:

Open every day between 12:00 - 16:00

Entry: Free (voluntary donations)

Vsiti our museum Gamla Prästgården (the old parsonage), that takes you back to Arvidsjaur in the 1600s. The homestead was erected in 1891 and was then used as a home for clergy families and eventually became a museum in the 1970s. Come visit the rooms of the priest and priestess, the dining hall, and the kitchen. Don't forget to visit the second floor where you'll find a room dedicated to the history of women as well as our café where you can take a homemade Swedish fika. Here you can also buy a unique handicraft from a local craftsman.

Do you and your company want to listen to a local tell the whole story of Gamla Prästgården? Vi offer guided tours for groups who book in advance.  Contact us at arvidsjaurshembygdsforening@telia.com

In our shop on the second floor you'll find unique handicrafts from more than 100 different local craftsmen as well as books written by local authors.

Welcome to our cosy café on the second floor!* Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee together with some newly made waffles or home made pastry. We have cinnamon buns, muffins, and lots of other sweet things for you to enjoy. Waffles are served durign the summer and on special occations.

*We have an elevator chair if you cannot walk up stairs.

Put your hiking boots on and walk along our marked trails to discover birds, butterflies and breath taking nature. We have two trails: Prästtjärnsstigen and Kulturstigen. Why not bring some homemade Swedish fika from our café and borrow a backpack from us to bring with you?

We organize events for the public such as midsummers eve, flea markets and music evenings. Take a look at the different events here: 

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